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Uniforms & Dress Code

Details about the dress code can be found on page 16 of the 2020/2021 Handbook. 

Uniforms from 2019/2020 will be allowed for one more year if in good condition. Please purchase all new uniforms according to the 2020/2021 guidelines.

UPDATE: Our partnership with Lands End has ended. We have switched to the local company, Flynn O'Hara.

 Upperclassmen hold the responsibility as Standard Bearers for younger grades. Please ensure that your uniform meets the high bar that has been set. 

Note: Upper School students are allowed to wear their uniforms from earlier years if they are in good shape, though we ask that you do not mix and match upper and lower uniforms.

Shoes must be a solid color and in good condition. Embellishments like neon stripes or glitter are not allowed. PE shoes must be nonskid soles.

Due to uncertain times, Lands End is experiencing technical difficulties and delays with monograms. Please contact Monogram on the Mound if you have any embroidery needs. 

  • Black tees and shorts from the previous year permitted for one year only. We are moving to gray shirts and blue shorts. (2020/2021 only)
  • Gray t-shirt with no logos or designs
  • Solid navy basketball shorts to the knee
  • PE uniforms must be washed regularly

No additional colors, stripes, words, or designs on any PE clothing. Brand names must be smaller than a business card. ex: "Nike" should not be longer than 3.5" nor taller than 2".

The first and third* Friday of each month is designated as Spirit Day. Additional spirit days will be communicated through email.
  • Students may wear blue jeans without holes, without slits, and must be free of decorations or embellishments. 
  • Students may wear any approved spirit-wear t-shirts, including shirts approved for extra-curricular activities or uniform shirts. 
  • If students are not wearing spirit wear, they must be in school uniform. 
    House shirts are no longer permitted on Spirit Day.
Spirit Wear may be purchased from booster clubs or our PTO.

*denotes change after handbook was published

Handbook Guidelines for Uniforms

General Guidelines by Grade

Grades K-2
Shirts: white, navy, or gray polos
Pants/Shorts: khaki or navy blue
Jumper: khaki or navy
Classroom outerwear: Land’s End option sweaters/fleeces


Grades 3-8
Shirts: white, navy, or gray polos
Pants/Shorts: khaki or navy blue
Skirts: khaki or navy blue
Classroom outerwear: Land’s End option sweaters/fleeces

Grades 9-12
Shirts: white, navy, or gray polos
Pants/Shorts: khaki or navy blue
Skirts: khaki, navy blue, or plaid (see Land’s End for correct plaid)
Classroom outerwear: Land’s End option sweaters/fleeces, Navy Blue Blazer

Accommodations to the dress code for religious reasons are permitted.

General Guidelines Continued

  • Shorts/Skirts length should be at the knee
  • Only solid t-shirts (no writing) may be worn under uniform shirts
  • Belts must be worn with shorts or trousers at all times; trousers and shorts must fit well (not too tight or too loose)
  • Boys hair may not touch the top of the collar or below the middle of the ears and must be trimmed above the eyebrow; all hair must be a natural color, and no facial hair is permitted
  • Excessive hairstyles are not allowed (eg. tails, designs)
  • No piercings are allowed for boys; girls may have 1 earring on each side (see the handbook, pg 18)
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times
  • Shoes may not have glitter, lights, or any type of wheels
  • Tattoos and body art must not be visible
  • Appropriate hygiene is required at all times

Edits to Dress Code Not In Handbook

  • We are happy to announce that the first and third Friday of each month will be Spirit Day. This means properly-fitting jeans (not jeggings, no sagging, no rips ) or uniform bottoms may be worn with a Spirit Shirt.
  • FCA hoodies are now allowed any day of the week as long as they are FCA athletic wear and not a distraction (hoods must stay down, drawstrings are not toys.) This is a trial period for future years. If hoodies become playthings, they will go away. 

You may purchase FCA athletic wear (including hoodies) here:
Spirit Shirts may be purchased from the PTO here:

(Update sent via JupiterEd 01/06/2021)

For standardized shoes, we will be using SHOEBACCA in solid colors. Price match available.

ShoeBacca ShoeBacca