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Uniforms & Dress Code

Details about the dress code can be found in the SCHOOL DRESS CODE section of the Student Handbook on pages 17-20.


 Upperclassmen hold the responsibility as Standard Bearers for younger grades. Please ensure that your uniform meets the high bar that has been set. Ties may only be worn with an Oxford shirt (Bow ties and traditional ties must be conservative-traditional in appearance. No pop culture or neon allowed.) 

Note: Upper School students are allowed to wear their uniforms from earlier grades if they are in good shape, though we ask that you do not mix and match Upper and Grammar uniforms. (ie, do not wear an Oxford shirt and blazer with shorts). 

If you have polos from previous years with the old crest or gold feather embroidered on them, they are no longer usable. Only FOUNDERS in gold will be allowed (with or without the bell). 

Blazers and ties are now allowed for all Upper students (6th and up). 

PE shoes must be nonskid soles. 

Students must wear shoes with approved colors: solid white, navy blue, grey, light or dark brown. NO high-tops, platform, open-heel or toe, moccasins, house shoes, ankle boots, military-style boots, work boots, hiking boots, or Ugg-style boots. Heels on shoes or boots must be 2" or less and may not be stiletto style. Tall dress boots may be worn on cold days, but must not go above the knee. Shoes and laces may not have bright stripes, fluorescent colors, distracting accents or logos, glitter sequins, or light-up shoes; athletic shoes must be worn for P.E. Laces on shoes must be pulled through and well tied. 
PE Uniforms now have the Founders Owl logo! Order them today at:
If you do not have your PE uniform an allowance of a one week grace will be permitted at the start of school for orders. During that time students may wear: 
  • Gray t-shirt with no logos or designs
  • Solid navy basketball shorts to the knee

PE uniforms must be washed regularly.

No additional colors, stripes, words, or designs on any PE clothing. Brand names must be smaller than a business card. ex: "Nike" should not be longer than 3.5" nor taller than 2".

The first and third Friday of each month is designated as Spirit Day. Additional spirit days will be communicated through Skyward, email and/or our social media pages.
  • Students may wear blue jeans without holes, without slits, and must be free of decorations or embellishments. Jeggings, skinny jeans, and jean shorts are not allowed.
  • Students may wear any approved spirit wear t-shirts, including shirts approved for extra-curricular activities or uniform shirts. 
  • If students are not wearing spirit wear, they must be in school uniform. 
Spirit Wear may be purchased from booster clubs or our PTO. Hoodies may only be worn on Spirit Days!

Handbook Guidelines for Uniforms

General Guidelines by Grade

Shirts: white, navy blue, or grey polos
Pants/Shorts: khaki or navy blue
Jumper: khaki, navy blue, or plaid
Skort: khaki, navy blue, or plaid
Classroom outerwear: Flynn O’Hara outerwear

Shirts: white, navy blue, or grey polos
Pants/Shorts: khaki or navy blue
Skirts/Skorts: khaki, navy blue, or plaid
Jumper: plaid only
Classroom outerwear: Flynn O’Hara outerwear

Shirts: white, navy blue, or grey polos; white Oxford* Pants/Shorts: khaki or navy blue
Kilts/Skirts/Skorts: khaki, navy blue, or plaid Blazer (optional): navy blue
Classroom outerwear: Flynn O’Hara outerwear
*Tie option with Oxford; not to be used with polos

Accommodations to the dress code for religious reasons are permitted.

General Guidelines Continued

  • Skirts and skorts must be worn at the waist and not rolled up; the hem should be worn at the knee.
  • Shorts should go to just above the knee but not below, and should not be excessively tight or loose-fitting. Shorts should be worn at the waist.
  • Only solid t-shirts (no writing) may be worn under uniform shirts.
  • Belts must be worn with shorts or trousers at all times; trousers and shorts must fit well (not too tight or too loose).
  • Hair is to be cleaned, well-groomed and out of face. 
  • Unnatural coloring (eg. blue, red, pink, green, purple, etc.) streaking or  excessive hairstyles are not allowed (eg. tails, designs, puffs, mohawks, fauxhawk, mullets) are not permitted. Words, symbols, or design shaved in hair (including facial hair and eyebrows) are not allowed. No facial hair is permitted.
  • No piercings are allowed for boys.
  • Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
  • Shoes may not have glitter, lights, or any type of wheels; heels must be under 2" tall.
  • Tattoos and body art must not be visible except for religious purposes (eg: henna).
  • Appropriate hygiene is required at all times.

You may purchase FCA athletic wear (including hoodies) here: LockerRoom Sportswear
Spirit Shirts may be purchased from the PTO here: