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Grades K-5

The ultimate goal in a classical education is training in wisdom and virtue. This begins in Grammar School. The years of K-5 are key to laying a strong foundation both in character and academics. Our rich curriculum is the perfect vehicle to provide opportunities for discipline and responsibility while inspiring a focus on the good, the true, and the beautiful. Our faculty maintain a depth of character that models virtue for our students and are committed to the growth of your child.

Middle School

Middle School is a transitional time from being a dependent child to an independent young adult. Through our classical curriculum, we want to ensure the development of good study skills and habits to assist in academic success. At Founders, our goal is to not only impart academic knowledge but to encourage growth in virtue, integrity, and character. We do this through a curriculum that emphasizes reading great literature and learning the lessons that history has to teach. We believe that mathematics, science, and Latin, as well as the fine arts, play vital roles in complete middle school education.

Upper School

Through our classical curriculum, young men and women develop good study skills and habits to assist in academic success. By Upper School, students are established in the habits of success and now practice virtuous living on a larger scale. Our goal is to equip our students to go out into the world with the proper rhetoric and intellectual skill required to succeed at a high level while maintaining a heart for humanity. Their focus on the good, the true, and the beautiful are now radiating into the community as they develop into young leaders.