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2021 Summer Links

Dear Latin 2 and Latin 3 parents,
As your students venture outside of the Wheelock textbook to read over Latin stories and authentic Latin texts next year, it is important that they have a strong classical dictionary to support their translation efforts. Please purchase the following dictionary, which is readily available on Amazon and other bookstores, such as Barnes and Noble
The Bantam New College Latin and English Dictionary, edited by Dr. John Traupman (ISBN 978-0553590128)
Please note that for Latin 2 students, this dictionary is strongly recommended. For Latin 3 students, this is a required dictionary to have in class.
All grades' school supplies are above. (note that Art for Upper is a separate page). Latin II and Latin III will need an additional book (see above).

We have a lot of options for our 2021 Summer Camps! Please check out the Grammar, Upper, Fine Arts, and Sports camps. 
Summer Reading Assignments: At Founders, we believe a well-read student is a lifelong learner. Thank you for partnering with our teachers to ensure a healthy start to the fall semester!
Summer Photo Submission: Please submit your summer photos on our Facebook wall! Whether you’re travelling or having a camping trip to the backyard, we’d love to see your educational adventures.